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Providing affordable healthcare through medical mission trips abroad

What if you couldn’t afford to go to a doctor?

Or had to travel for days to get to the nearest hospital?

This is the reality for many people in poorer communities in Nepal where health clinics are few and far between or too expensive to afford.

Share Mission International’s global volunteers are helping to close this healthcare gap through medical mission trips to Nepal. We provide locals with:

  • Annual exams
  • Emergency care
  • Surgery when needed

We travel to Nepal with a group of 10-20 U.S. medical volunteers and work closely with local doctors and healthcare professionals to offer free healthcare to locals who cannot afford a doctor’s visit. We setup camp in a local community and treat over 300 patients a day – amounting to about 2,100 patients treated on an average trip.

Our global volunteers are helping to improve quality of life through healthcare

For many communities in rural Nepal, visiting a doctor simply isn’t an option. They may have barriers such as:

  • Cost
  • Lack of transportation
  • Distance
  • Lack of education about health issues

Instead they may turn to local healers or home remedies for cures – something that can have devastating consequences for what could have been easily treated by a doctor.

In one case, we were visited by a 10 year old boy who had severely burned his eye playing with a firecracker and could barely see. With the help of a volunteer ENT specialist, we were able to treat the child and move him to a hospital soon after. Six months later he traveled to the U.S. for surgery that restored his vision and eliminated the scarring.

Cases like this is why we do the work we do. It can be truly life saving for some and significantly improve quality of life for others. 

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