Share mission international

Making a brighter future possible through affordable education

Imagine walking five miles a day without shoes to reach school. This is the reality for many children in the remote mountain village of Bhakunde Beshi,Nepal where there is only one elementary school serving the poor “Dalits” or untouchables.

As one of the poorest areas of the Kathmandu valley, Bhakunde Beshi is largely unreachable by the local government. The school relies on Share Mission International for funding and resources such as:

  • Classroom materials
  • Textbooks
  • Student scholarships
  • Teacher training
  • Student uniforms

Our goal is to help the schoolchildren and their families improve their quality of life through access to education, scholarships, and a quality learning environment.

Volunteer trips to Nepal promote community development and cross-cultural learning

Our volunteers travel with us to Nepal once a year to offer support to the school. With only 180 students and 6 teachers, we have the chance to make a greater impact and to work one-on-one with teachers. We focus on creating a high-quality learning environment through:

  • Teacher trainings
  • Co-teaching
  • Self-development courses

Co-teaching is an especially rewarding part of volunteer work. Volunteers assist a teacher in the classroom – offering a new perspective on teaching and the chance for a cross-cultural exchange. Our goal is to continually improve the school learning environment so students can work toward a better future.

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